eCommerce and Product Photography Trends with Rest of 2017 and Future Thought

Let’s talk a bit about past year based in Photography and eCommerce trends vs this year 2017.

By The Way, it’s far away already, after saying goodbye to 2016, and we passed nearly the first half of 2017 too. We already lost 2016, maybe forgot some back pain, but possibly can remember all important memories, experiences, and some statistics e.g: business statistics, trends etc. There will be some moment that could make us remind of that year back sometimes. The moment we may remind could be our experience, things we learn, any other things what 2016 or last year gave us. In my eyes and in sense of market research, 2016 was eCommerce Year. Lot’s of WebShop launches that year and the total foundation of online shopping has changed positively for the competition involved with this industry based on product delivery and customer services. But customer service/support was on top to make people engage with a product or brand they chose and like to shop with.

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